Miracles From WITS

Kaye and her husband Joe are preparing for the ministry. It’s the last year of Bible College for the young couple and they’re excited to see how God is going to use them and what He will do. Their dreams of starting churches and ministering to those far from God are finally about to come to pass.

But all of their hard work and eager anticipation for the future can’t help them when Kaye notices a lump on her neck in the bathroom mirror. Joe makes an appointment with a doctor and the news isn’t good–-it’s really really bad. The doctor knows the lump will grow rapidly. He knows if surgery isn’t performed immediately that Kaye’s vocal chords and eyes will be affected and there’s also a risk of it becoming fatal.

But God knew something the doctor didn’t know.

Read this amazing miracle and others in WritersInTheSpirit’s newest release MIRACLES: A Supernatural Collection. 

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Kim Brownlee Book Celebration

kim brownlee celebration copy

This week at WITS we celebrate Kim Brownlee and Seventeen Golden Summers, the first from her novel series “Avenwell Bluffs.” Come join Kim as she reads a selection from her book and answers questions. Signing of copies to follow.

Visit kimbrownlee.com

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My Godly Rose

Ronald Judson’s beautiful tribute to his wife, Wanda, originally published in April 2012 exclusively here on WritersInTheSpirit.com and now also included in the excellent poetry collection from Ronald Judson, “Catching Words” published late 2013.



My rose is wilting, all the same

I love her spirit, soul and frame.

Her life has changed over years,

Not so focused, strong and sure.

Years have come, and years have gone,

We’re some what worn, but have our song.

In the drawn out span of time

Unchanged inside, my rose is mine.


Her love for babies distracts her day,

Two feet, four feet, coo or play.

Compassion for all folks in need

Compel her prayers, she intercedes.

Tasks set aside to be with friends

When circumstances break and bend.

A godly woman, so rare to find,

Precious as gold, this rose that’s mine.


Unknown, the future, will unfold.

Frail our bodies, but spirits bold.

Memories of days unknown

By younger ones as yet not grown.

Goals and passions spent and gone,

Body’s weaker, but with song.

Surrendering to our God who’s strong,

Life lived out, not right or wrong.


Jesus’ plan to save our souls,

Whether old and gray, or young and bold.

Finishing well – into His arms,

Home one day safe from harm.

Living out remaining days

Pointing home as lights that pray.

Loving, living through life’s throes,

Ever blessed by my godly rose.


Copyright © 2012-2014 Ronald Judson

Check out Catching Words,” a Ronald Judson collection that chronicles American life in poetry over a 40 year period—particularly poignant for those familiar with the baby boomer experience.


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A Very Special Visitor

This week at WITS we welcome a very special visitor. The Holy Spirit is a person equal in every way with God the Father and God the Son. He is considered to be the third member of the Godhead. A primary role of the Holy Spirit is that He bears “witness” of Jesus Christ (John 15:26, 16:14). He tells people’s hearts about the truth of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit also acts as a Christian’s teacher (1Cor. 2:9-14). He reveals God’s will and truth to a Christian.
Come walk and be filled in the Holy Spirit!
Bearing Witness to Jesus Christ
Wednesday April 22, 2015
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Mosaic Cross

In Mosaic Cross, over 30 Christian authors and poets from WritersInTheSpirit entertain and empower you in over 300 pages to:

• Become a fool for Christ

• Heal a grieving heart

• Feel God’s grace

• Persevere when you want to give up

• Handle God’s favor

• Overcome your greatest fear

• Keep yourself from falling

• Let God make your big decisions

If you’re tired of experiencing a ho-hum spiritual life, it’s time to become passionate. If you know someone who is feeling overwhelmed with sorrow, it’s time for their revival. If you want to feel God’s grace and experience God’s favor, this is your time . . .

Profits from sales go to families in crisis through Elevation Church.

Only $9.95!

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Hydration Station Opens!

WITS member Beth Sturdivant opens up a storefront, Hydration Station, on Pineville-Matthews Road for her charity The Academy of Environmental Sickness (TAFES.org).

“We are so excited and plan to educate the public on ES and many illnesses caused by the overwhelming exposure EMF present in society today,” says Beth.

What is ES and EMF? Acronyms for Electrical Sensitivity and Electrical Magnetic Field and the health problems associated thereof.

All the products promoted and used in Hydration Station are used to heal bodies from being overexposed to EMF’s.

Profits go to help those in need seeking an alternative way to heal the body.

Hydration Station also offers many Paleo & Vegan Friendly items.

And WITS member books!

Check it out:

Hydration Station
8318-712 Pineville Matthews Rd
Charlotte,  NC 28226
Phone: (704) 910-3960


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A Great Man Passes Away

Fritz Glaus was a great man. He touched many lives for good—all over the world—particularly in the name of Jesus Christ.

The imminence of his death was not unexpected—just a bit earlier than advertised. The Bible says, “The day of a man’s death is better than the day of his birth.” Ecclesiastes 7:1. When Fritz passed over, it was a very happy day for him indeed.

Fritz was the first member of WITS. When he joined he was upfront that he wasn’t a writer—but he had a great story—and brother and sister, did he ever. If you want to read an authentic story of how God raised up the unlikely from smack in the middle of nowhere USA, sent him all over the world, where he met with world leaders and the very famous and billionaires, ministering in the name of Christ on the ATP professional tennis tour—you need go no further than our very own brother Fritz’s book, Love Gameco-written by Mike Yorkey, arguably the top Christian sports author in America with over 80 books to his credit.




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New Kim Brownlee Release

Billy Neville and his best friend, Frank Avenwell, don’t believe the rumors that tortured souls haunt Avenwell Bluffs. They don’t see the spirits who roam the woods between the mansion and the vineyards. They don’t see the others who have lived in the North Wing for over a century.

But each year, as the anniversary of the spirits’ deaths approach, an ominous darkness awakens. Dread and agony await them as each of these spirits must relive the events that led to their demise. For some, the entire town will feel their regret.

The spirits of Avenwell Bluffs will always be there—some to antagonize, and some to rescue. And only one thing is certain … they will always be there.

Kim Brownlee’s Seventeen Golden Summers is the first installment of the five-book series that will unmask the drama that has entangled the Cooke and Avenwell families for well over a century, and will continue throughout eternity.

More at KimBrownlee.com

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Beth Sturdivant Featured

The Fort Mill Times has featured WITS member Beth Sturdivant and her book, Backyard Secret Exposed. McClatchy Newspapers, owns The Fort Mill Times along with The Charlotte Observer and The Raleigh News & Observer.

Check out The Fort Mill Times story here

Check out Beth’s web site

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Someone Cares

Kaye Hartley and her husband the Reverend Joe Hartley ministered for over forty years all across the fruited plain. Building churches, bringing in the lost for Christ, and strengthening the saints. Kaye is also arguably one of America’s most anointed Christian poets with two collections published, God’s Poetic Word andThoughts Of Christmas, and another collection is on the way. www.kayehartley.com



By Kaye Hartley

I thought of you this morning

As I knelt before the Lord:

I asked Him to be with you,

Speak peace thru His Word.


As I waited in His Presence,

Sent His love on wings of prayer;

I knew He drew you to Him,

Gently eased away your care.


You must keep your eyes on Jesus.

He’s the Author of your faith.

He’s the One Who gives vict’ry

He’s the One Who sets the pace.


We must prepare for the conflict;

The “Battle of the Mind”;

Be surrounded by God’s forces,

To the enemy – “not blind.”


The Battle is the Lord’s!

It’s been “fought and won” for us.

So claim it – stand your ground;

And in the Lord – Rejoice!

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