Miracles From WITS

Kaye and her husband Joe are preparing for the ministry. It’s the last year of Bible College for the young couple and they’re excited to see how God is going to use them and what He will do. Their dreams of starting churches and ministering to those far from God are finally about to come to pass.

But all of their hard work and eager anticipation for the future can’t help them when Kaye notices a lump on her neck in the bathroom mirror. Joe makes an appointment with a doctor and the news isn’t good–-it’s really really bad. The doctor knows the lump will grow rapidly. He knows if surgery isn’t performed immediately that Kaye’s vocal chords and eyes will be affected and there’s also a risk of it becoming fatal.

But God knew something the doctor didn’t know.

Read this amazing miracle and others in WritersInTheSpirit’s newest release MIRACLES: A Supernatural Collection. 

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The Spirit Of Christmas

Neck deep in the holiday season with all of the shopping, parties, trees, and the billion lights and decorations, Kim Brownlee discovers the answer to, “What is the spirit of Christmas?”

Yep, here we are, neck deep in that time of year when everyone cheerily calls out “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!” to everyone;  co-workers, family… total strangers. We pull out our holiday traditions, set up our trees and light up our houses. We attend Christmas parties, go shopping for gifts and take the kiddies to get pictures taken with Santa. Houses line streets with a billion festive lights and decorations ranging from Santa and his sleigh to the nativity scene. So many happy people going on to make new holiday memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. (Some people reading this, will at this point see the words, “blah, blah, blah…”)

How do I know this? Well, I am getting old and racking up difficulties like frequent flier miles. I have experienced quite a bit. So five years ago, I wrote a Christmas song, going over various events in my life. I was thinking that everything difficult I have gone through has made me open my eyes to the problems of those around me. And as I face yet a new chapter in my life, I decided to open my Bible and read in the book of Job, where in chapter 2, verse 10, Job says ,”…How can we accept all the good things that God gives us and not accept the problems?” So even after all that happened to Job, he did not sin. He did not accuse God of doing anything wrong.” And I realized how important it is to not complain or blame God when things go wrong. I am not alone in any of my trials and I should remember to pray for those around me and help them whenever I possibly can.

So, what is the spirit of Christmas? To me, it’s having empathy for others. Everyone deserves to be happy and full of peace and joy at Christmas. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the warm and fuzzy stuff that we tend to forget that this is the hardest time of year for those who are already suffering. Over the past few months, I’ve had at least three friends and relatives lose close loved ones! This will be their first Holiday season without them. It will be almost as painful as when they first lost them because it will be as if everyone around them is mocking their grief. All they want for Christmas is to have their loved one back! And aside from “being there” for them, there is really nothing anyone can physically do to make their grief go away. All we can do is pray that God will give them peace.

At Christmas, try to think of the different types of crises that people have to deal with. People who have lost their health, whether it be body or mind. People who have experienced a loss, such as death or divorce. Children who just can’t understand why Mommy and Daddy don’t live together anymore, or worse, children who wish Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t live together anymore because things are just that bad at home. People who have found themselves homeless. People with addictions that they just can’t beat, or those who don’t even realize they have a problem. Young people who just can’t seem to find “Mr.” or “Mrs. Right.”  Whenever possible, lend a helping hand or, and when it is not possible, at the very least, pray that God will meet their needs so they can make it through, not just for the season but throughout their lives. And somewhere out there, someone will be praying for you.

So when we are shopping or when we are opening our gifts  on Christmas morning, try to remember that the only thing of value under the tree is the baby who was born to save us from our pain and heartache. He is waiting with outstretched arms and unfailing love.

Copyright © Kim Brownlee 2011-2015

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I Knew A Little Girl

The happily haunting “I Knew A Little Girl” by WITS member Theresa Stephenson is one of the selected contributions for publication in the WritersInTheSpirit Poetry Collection.

I knew a little girl……
She lived across the street
She has big blue eyes
and has a dimple on her cheek
Every time I saw her she
glowed in a awesome light
I know someday she would
make someone very happy
The other day I heard
screams and bitter cries
It came from across the street
in that little girl’s house
When I saw her she didn’t
have a radiant glow
I knew she wasn’t happy
I hope she will be someday
It’s been several years
since I saw that little girl
I guess she moved to a
big white house
where no one glows
Nobody cares and
makes her happy
I still believe someday
her day will come . . .
Five years have past since
the little girl lived in that
house across the street
She met a loving person who
makes her glow inside
and now she makes someone very happy
Her someday has come!

Copyright © 2013-2015 Theresa Stephenson

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Divine Loving Mystery

From her prayer journal, Christian novelist and WITS member Margaret Montreuil contemplates the name of God and expresses her longing to know Him more in her poem from the heart, “Divine Loving Mystery”

Thinking about how God called Himself “I AM.” God’s name for Himself seems to me like an unfinished statement. “I Am”… What? I desire to know Him truly and entirely for who He is. Jesus of the Gospels is in glory. I can’t see Him as He really is. Not yet. So, I must become intimately comfortable with Mystery. His intimate presence is real and I want to know Him for real — but can I? How? He remains so much of a mystery. He is everywhere. He is within me. Yet He seems to be absent. I think His language is less words and more action. When I settle comfortably into Mystery, am I really with Him? Am I “In heavenly places, seated with Christ Jesus?” What an amazing mystery is that? He is Divine Loving Mystery. Yet, He has revealed Himself to me through Creation, the life of Jesus, the Bible, and His involvement in my life. I long to know Him more.

Divine Loving Mystery,
Oh, how I long for You
Are your eyes sky blue?
Are they clear and deep loving pools?
Your face is mystery.
What about your voice — for true?
What gentle, soothing sound floats downstream of Your loving heart
Carried by tone and inflections?
I know in hearing them, I’d know You
Sometimes silent in strength You speak, yes, this too
I long for the human melody of Your mouth
Even if it’s scolding firmness to hold me close
And is there a voice not human in sound
That would roar or thunder more appropriate speech?
Your voice is mystery.
And, what of your gait when You walk?
Oh, what I’d give to watch you along Your way!
How does one follow in Your shadow today?
Passing among people, intent with purpose, You’d go
Sometimes are your shoulders bent?
Or, do You always carry the world with ease?
Straight and held back – confident and able?
Is Your stride determined?
Sometimes when You are passing, do You linger and watch?
Are our troubles too painful that You must stop to stare?
Do you reach out and touch and care?
Because of our choices do You steadily press on?
Have you ever even run?
How do You walk among us, Divine Loving Mystery?
And, what would I do, if suddenly here You stood?
Before me, everything I ever wanted or dreamed; yet beyond all, You’d be
Oh, Divine Loving Mystery, I know I’d be undone
So, really, I’m afraid for You to come
I’ll wait then, until it is time, both content and longing for You,
Divine Loving Mystery, I love You.

***A while ago, I pondered how Moses asked God, at the site of the “burning bush” what His name was, so he could tell his people in Egypt who was sending him to deliver them from bondage. Well, God’s answer was “I AM” – meaning “I Exist”…We all have names because somebody named us. Nobody named God because He always existed. I’ve wondered if it was that simple. With God, things are at once simple and complex. After all, how can we wrap our minds around the fact that He always existed? That’s mystery too.

Copyright © Margaret Montreuil 1997

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